All about Linkage your nice websites archive!

Everything you always wanted to know about LINKAGE but were afraid to ask.

‘LINKAGE, a nice websites portal’ was established in the summer of 2004.

It evolved from a endless list of bookmarks in a folder called ‘nice websites’.

Ever since LINKAGE daily provides it’s ever growing number of visitors with screenshots of nice websites.

What is considered a ‘nice website’?

This is personal of course but LINKAGE, which is liked by many, considers a website to be ‘nice’ when it meets the following list:

30% DESIGN (a nice website must look nice!)
25% use of SOUND & VIDEO
5% HUMOR (Why so serious?)

Of course exceptions are sometimes made, but this is the idea.
Also emotions are involved…

What is NOT considered a ‘nice website’?

LINKAGE is nice…But refuses the following:

– Websites with clearly visible (Google) ads.
– Websites that contain explicit content, violence, hate etc.
– Websites that are spam sensitive.
– Websites that promote illegal software etc.
– Websites that don’t respect general rules of the internet.
– Websites that just aren’t nice.

What do the ‘categories’ mean?

That is actualy quite simple.

SITE of the WEEK:
From all websites that are submitted in one week, the website that impressed most will be bombarded to be the ‘site of the week’. Other websites are of course the sites of the day.

Here you wil find portfolio websites from graphic designers, webdesigners, photographers, fashion designers or other creatives that have a online portfolio.

Please feel free to submit nice websites!

Websites of design studios, architecture agencies or other collaborations.

All about movies, stars and everything related.

All about music, artists and everything related.

Websites that do not fit in any other category.

What about the LINKAGE OWL?

Information on the LINKAGE OWL »

Were does LINKAGE get it’s nice websites from?

Of course from browsing the web in search of nice websites but most mentioned websites have been submitted by their designers, programmers, owners or LINKAGE fans.
Thanks for that!

Do you have a website?
And is it a nice website? Feel free to submit nice websites.

LINKAGE always needs input!


The latest version of LINKAGE (01-2012) was build with the use of WordPress.

WordPress is an Open Source project by and for the community!

Of course also credits to all visitors, people that have submitted their website and people that have helped out LINKAGE in one way or another.

LINKAGE is free to do what it wants and therefore always has been critical with the placement of banners or any other content.


For questions, remarks or suggestions please contact:

Erick Schluter – LINKAGE, a nice websites portal .